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Automated by B&R - R.A. Jones @ PACK EXPO 2023
At #PackExpo2023 R.A Jones showcased a complete B&R solution on their iFTS/Criterion CLI100. The whole machine is controlled by a single B&R APC2200. This system showcases how ACOPOS6D can consolidate several operations to enable #adaptivemanufacturing. For more information on the complete pouch system visit For more information on the B&R solutions visit #ThinkAdaptive #RAJONES #BRautomation
Wittenstein Cynapse IIoT Smart Gearbox
Cynapse from Wittenstein. It's new. It's connective. So far gearboxes have always been silent.

Cynapse is changing everything. Thanks to the integrated sensor module, your Wittenstein gearbox is now smart and can communicate with you constantly. For example your Wittenstein gearbox provides you with information on:
  • - Vibration
  • - Temperature
  • - Acceleration
  • - Mounting Position
This gearbox data is generated continuously and flows via an IO-Link interface both to your own machine infrastructure and to all standard IIoT platforms.
The sensor values are easy to monitor based on thresholds. So let the things communicate. IIoT Smart and Simple.
Machine-Centric Robotics
Machine-Centric Robotics from B&R Automation
ACOPOStrak: Ultimate Production Effectiveness
ACOPOStrak: Ultimate Production Effectiveness
ABB Robotics - The Dawn of a New Robotic Era

ABB Robotics - The Dawn of a New Robotic Era

Wittenstein Galaxie Drive System
Functional Principle of Wittenstein Galaxie Drive System
Comau Racer 3 - High Speed Articulated Robot
Comau RACER3


IS a powerful, high speed, 6-axis articulated robot.

Precision and speed meet beauty and passion.

RACER 3 is the fastest robot in its category.

Compact Design, Light Weight Materials, Stiffness, User-friendly Interface, Payload 3Kg

MOUNTING POSITION: Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Sloped 0-90 Degrees

APPLICATIONS: Handling, Dispensing, Assembly
B&R Automation - SuperTrak Anti-Slosh
SuperTrak Anti-Slosh - Next Generation Industrial Transport Technology