Success Stories

MRIdian System

The MRIdian system uniquely provides continuous imaging during treatment so clinicians are able to see where the radiation dose is being delivered and adapt to changes and movement in the patient’s anatomy in real-time.

The system tracks soft-tissue of the tumor directly, in fast planar images, then automatically compares the target to the plan and only allows treatment when the target is in range.  As part of the MRI system, the patient table was a critical component with several stringent performance guidelines to follow. This was all achieved using a motion control solution provided by MSI and B&R Automation.

CNC Waterjet Machine

Flow machines require extreme accuracy and a scalable offering to accommodate the broad customer base of needs on a global scale. MSI and B&R Automation were able to accomplish this by providing control solutions for each machine platform.

MSI was also able to address the need for electrical control panels that are built with the highest quality standards and delivered on a Just-In-Time (JIT) schedule.

CNC Analytical Gear Inspection

MSI successfully provided a turnkey conversion from the existing non-CNC control system to a fully integrated CNC + Motion + I/O solution using B&R Automation technology along with electrical control panels.

The solution has been very successful and now carried across five machine platforms for this OEM


Component Testing

MSI developed a standardized components testing platform along with Elements’ engineering team.

The fully integrated PC base motion solution is being implemented worldwide.