Engineering & Support


MSI engineering assistance comes in many scalable offerings to accommodate our customer specific needs.  This can range from assisting with a simple functional specification to managing the entire turnkey project and complete ownership through startup.

The MSI Advantage

Project Management

Functional specification development

Software programming

Certified Drawings

Startup Services

Remote Troubleshooting

Ladder Diagram
  • Ladder Diagram
  • Functional Block Design
  • Instruction List
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Automation Basic
  • Structured Text
  • Continuous Function Chart
  • ANSI C
  • C++
SCADA Solutions
  • SCADA Solutions
  • OEE and Metrics
  • Extensive Reporting tools
  • Mobile and Tablet Solutions
  • Many native drivers
2D and 3D Design Options
  • 2D & 3D Design Options
  • Electrical Schematic
  • Panel Layout
  • Custom panel build
  • Cable & Connector Design
  • Cable Track Design
Training & Development
As our client’s demands and knowledge vary, we offer a flexible system that includes many scalable options.  This includes basic 1-1 onsite informal training to fully certified formal training classes.  MSI can also customize the training to accommodate your specific application.
B&R Training
  • Technology specific training…. PLC, HMI, PC, Motion, SCADA, Reports/Metrics, and much more.
  • Application specific training….ensures that your company has an in-depth understanding of the machine automation design.
  • Basic trouble shooting and Maintenance….such as understanding the basic troubleshooting areas without the need to monitor the program via Laptop or PC, fault lights, wiring diagrams, etc.  
B&R Training
  • Manufacturer venue with several location options.
  • Onsite training at YOUR facility.
  • MSI office training at our new facility in Milford, Ohio

Premium Support

On a LOCAL or GLOBAL level is only one phone call away!