Repair Testimonials

“We were really happy with the repairs done on the PMA23C motor, and have had no issues with the drive. I think we’ll be sending all motor repairs to Motor Systems from now on as the service we've received has been so good.”

Donald Burnett
Motion Design

“The Kollmorgen was installed on the day we received the unit. The machine homed and worked beautifully. We have been running since to catch up for some lost time. It is still working daily, relieving me of that concern, as it has proven success. Thanks for your support.”

Sherman Morris

“Thanks for your prompt service and also your follow up”

Ruben Berner
Silgan Plastics

“We installed the system and it fired right up for us with no glitches whatsoever. We were also pleased with the turnaround time. We will be sending future repairs of this nature plus any servo drive work your way.”

David Church

“I cannot thank you enough for helping us out on this. Motor Systems is so easy to work with and a pleasure to do business with. Another employee and I were just talking about how we wish we could send even our warranty issues to you, it would make our work load easier knowing that it would be in good hands and done correctly the first time.”

Wendy Jones

“I want to thank you for the GREAT service!!! You really got us out of a bind on this one. I have forwarded you and your company’s information to our automation group. Look forward to doing more business in the future. Again, thanks!!!”

Gary Sztaba
Coastal Welding Supply

“The motor is working great! Thanks for everything!”

John Nissen
S&T Commercial Cabinets

“My press is back up and running! You all did a great job for us and I appreciate it”

Stu Scharffenberger
Label Park

“Everything is running smoothly. I appreciated all of the efforts to get the repair done so quickly and correctly.”

Kevin Sippel
Servo Motors and Drives

“It took us a while to get to know your company and find out that it was “out there”, but now that excellent service has been served, we will sure remember to contact you at time of need. Thanks again to the entire team that supported us on the recent crisis. Everyone at Motor Systems stepped up to the plate! Malish is extremely grateful for the support we received.”

Andy Scholem
Malish Corporation