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Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Tatsoft FactoryStudio®
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Tatsoft FactoryStudio® IIoT takes connectivity to a higher next level, providing the Application Development Platform to allow easy creation of solutions for the device level itself, with Graphical real-time displays, communication protocols to PLC’s, data logging, alarm engine, local SQL storage and C#/VB.NET scripting.  Those embedded applications can easily communicate with remote FactoryStudio applications on the cloud, or on premises, accessing and consolidating distributed information.

The FactoryStudio® platform can also work as the presentation layer and data gateway to historian systems, such as OSIsoft PI, Prediktor APIS, and ERP systems such as SAP, or directly connect with the SQL enterprise databases.

A New Level of Connectivity

Many companies today are looking to provide information from anywhere within the enterprise to anyone who needs it both locally and remotely. Many legacy products on the market today are still providing different project engineering environments in order to create applications to run in different operating systems.

That is not the case with FactoryStudio®. The FactoryStudio® platform provides a single engineering environment which helps customers get the most out of their systems by providing the richest experience in leveraging data from a variety of runtime environments and mobile devices.

iOS and Android support

FactoryStudio® users have access to all mobile resources like cameras, to use as barcode scanners for electronic input of data, helping to reduce operator errors and maintaining corporate standards. GPS information is accessible from any iOS or Android device which helps verify location coordinates of the users and mobile corporate assets.

Windows Embedded Compact

With an amazingly small footprint, the size of the installation folder is just 6 Mb, FactoryStudio® Compact Framework is entirely created using managed code, allowing tremendous portability to any CPU and operating system.

FactoryStudio® Compact Framework helps you to create graphical displays with complete resolution independence (via Tatsoft’s WPF vector-based graphics editor), alarms and trends, with store-and-forward capability, built-in communication protocols for most PLCs and networks, database access to both local databases and remote servers, and you can use C# and VB.NET as scripting languages for advanced customization, using the platform-agnostic engineering workspace, which allows you to open and edit multiple projects concurrently, with multiple concurrent user access.

With FactoryStudio® Compact Framework, you now have a modern fourth-generation toolset to build applications that leverage lower-cost runtime environments to their fullest potential. System Integrators, Panel Builders, as well as OEMs now have a state-of-the-art, yet low-cost, solution to quickly deploy their applications in any kind of device powered by Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE).

Linux and Raspberry Pi (rPi)

Machine and device builders have made Raspberry Pi (rPi) a fast growing popular device and environment for systems requiring lower resources than typical industrial grade systems. The same FactoryStudio that creates enterprise-class projects can be used to develop lightweight projects to run on rPi devices.

The development tools are the same whether you are deploying projects to Microsoft Windows computers running .NET Framework, Linux operating system with the Mono Framework and Raspberry PI devices.  For Raspberry PI, we also included easy access to onboard I/O in addition to all other HMI features.

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