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A Powertec 2000C Brushless Drive Repair

A servo motor coming to us for repair from the Caribbean is certainly not an everyday thing at Motor Systems.

So, it was natural that this incoming Powertec 2000C Brushless Drive would receive a lot of notice, if simply due to the distance it had traveled from a PVC manufacturing plant in Haiti.

From the moment it was uncrated in our servo repair center, it was obvious why this 18-year-old Powertec drive actually deserved our attention. By all measures the unit was really in rough shape. For one, it had clearly suffered from heavy contamination. There was also evidence of damage to the high voltage section of the drive, as well as input power issues. But worse yet, there were clear signs that the drive had suffered severely from multiple “field repair” attempts by unqualified personnel.

Motor Systems was successfully able to correct all the previous repairs that were inflicted on this Powertec 2000C Brushless Drive. Our factory-authorized servo repair technicians were quickly able to get it performing once again to Powertec’s original factory specs.
But that is actually not the greater point of this story.
Rather, it is the lost production time and expense that result when an untrained servo drive repair facility mishandles your repair. And in this case, the distance you literally have to go to correct the problem. We could have saved our customer in both time and money had they originally chosen to entrust their drive’s repair to us instead of the unauthorized service provider.

That holds true for all of our customers, whether in Haiti or Houston.

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Powertec 2000C Brushless Drive Repair