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The Legacy Servo Drives and Motors We Repair

Customers bring their legacy servo drive and motor repairs to MSI because this is truly where those products get a new lease on life.

There is nothing more satisfying to us than reassuring the owner of a malfunctioning piece of legacy equipment that all hope is not lost. Instead, much to their surprise, we end up showing them through a repair and regular maintenance that there’s a lot of regular use left in that old motor or drive.

Below we have listed all of the legacy servo drives and motors that we repair, so that others might avoid prematurely writing off their equipment.

 What’s Our Secret?

Motor Systems is the only factory-authorized repair center for all Kollmorgen legacy drives and motors. Our technicians have not only been trained by Kollmorgen, they also use the original factory test fixtures and documentation to ensure equipment is restored to its original specs. It also helps that we keep a huge inventory of new and reconditioned boards, as well as hard-to-find parts and reconditioned stock.


Special Note: We are experts with over 25 years of experience repairing Powertec DC Brushless Motors and Drives.

Kollmorgen Servo Drives and XT Motors

BDS3 ServoStar S Series (SE, SB, & SR)
BDS5 Smart Drive
CD Series Drives (CR, CE, CB) TPA
PA2800 - PA8500 VFS5 Spindle Drive
Power Block XT Motors
PSR4/5 Power Supplies  


Pacific Scientific Servo Drive Products

SC100 Series Drives OC900 Option Cards
SC300 Series Drives OCE900 Option Cards
SC400 Series Dives PC800 Series Drives
SC750 Series Drives 6430, 6435, 6440, 6445 Series Drives
SC900 Series Drives 5630, 5640, 5645 Series Drives
SCE900 Series Drives  


IDC Servo and Stepper Drive Products

B8001 Smart Step
B8501 S6002
B8961, B8962 S961, S6962
Next Step 961, 962


API and Superior Electric Stepper Drives

230 Series P325
430 Series P42
440 Series SS20001
3180 Series SS20001-V
6180 Series SS2000-OF
P261/P261X SS2000D6
P315/P315X SS2000D61


TAE Brushless Motors and Drives

TA-BL/P Drives

TA- BL Drives

BLN Motors


Powertec Motors and Drives

500 Drives 4000 Drives
1000 Drives 145T thru 3213TZ Frame Motors
2000 Drives Digimax Controllers
3000 Drives All Powertec P.C. Boards
3500 Drives  


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