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Let Economic Tailwinds Steer You by Servo Drive Crisis

Our country’s last recession pushed many manufacturers into adopting some short-sighted practices as a way of avoiding expenditures on servo drive repair and replacement.

One advantage of today’s strong economy is that these lingering practices can finally be properly addressed, so that they no longer pose a significant threat to future productivity.

How We Got Here

Tight budgets caused by the previous economic downturn often dictated that a damaged or non-functioning servo drive would not automatically be repaired. Standard maintenance procedures were simply delayed. Instead, faulty equipment was often replaced by units requisitioned from other underused manufacturing line. Some companies were fortunate enough to have an inventory of spare drives sitting idly on a shelf, the welcome product of some forward-thinking manager.

Over time, however, they all eventually used up their available replacement servo drive options. This has left many production facilities to this day with a backlog of servo drives needing repair…as well as a potential crisis looming.

When a spare replacement drive in unavailable following a breakdown, operation managers are left to scramble for an emergency servo drive repair. Production is certain to be impacted, no matter how swift a repair or replacement is made.

Steps to Take

Many manufacturers still follow those same processes not by necessity, but merely by habit. Hopefully they eventually will use the latest upturn in business to construct a more pro-active plan for dealing with the servo drives that are so integral to their success. Here’s how they can start:

Put Servo Drives Back on Preventative Maintenance

Nothing keeps a legacy serve drive operating according to the manufacture’s specs than having it inspected on a regularly scheduled basis. Our factory-trained servo techs are able to spot common problems caused by defective drive fans and aging electrolytic capacitors before they grow into more serious (and expensive) problems.

Get a Spare Servo Drive as Backup

Our customers are often happily surprised to discover that replacement units exist for even the oldest models of legacy servo drives. Motor Systems has invested heavily this year towards increasing our inventory of drives from an array of manufacturers, including Pacific Scientific, Kollmorgen, PowerTec and others. If we can’t immediately fulfill a particular customer’s request off-the-shelf, we will dedicate ourselves to tracking down one that we can recondition back to its original factory specifications. We invite all customers to provide us with their “wish list” of drives for us to fulfill.

Trust Repairs and Parts to a Factory-Authorized Center

Taking your legacy servo drives to Motor Systems helps ensure that your equipment will receive the same high degree of expert service as it did when it was originally manufactured. Our factory-trained techs use the original test fixtures, documentation and parts inventory in order to perform the job expertly and expediently.

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