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Avoiding Costly Retrofits with Servo Drive Repair

Experience has proven that servo drive repair should always be the first option considered before undergoing an expensive retrofit to replace a failing legacy drive.

Yet, we occasionally get calls from customers who presume that a retrofit is their only choice.

This kind of reasoning is typically based on the misconception that their aging servo drive can’t be repaired. They will point to the fact that besides being 15 years old, the drive was discontinued by the manufacturer shortly after they bought it. There’s also an expectation that replacement parts must be difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Kollmorgen ServoStar CD Drives: Repair or Retrofit

A similar situation recently was faced by a manufacturer in the auto industry.

This customer came to MSI after facing issues with the aging Kollmorgen ServoStar CD Drives that powered their equipment. Unfortunately, the discontinued ServoStar CD Drives were no longer being repaired by the manufacturer. The fact that new replacement parts were also no longer being produced only made matters that much more challenging.

Over time this client had amassed a sizeable number of nonfunctioning ServoStar CD Drives that could no longer be replaced with newer models. Fearful that they soon couldn’t provide their end-users with a reliable servo drive replacement option, the manufacturer asked MSI to build the new cabinets necessary for them to cross over to new equipment.

A Much Less-Costly Solution

It certainly proved fortunate for them that Motor Systems Inc. has had a long record of experience with Kollmorgen ServoStar CD drive repair.

Somewhat ironically, we saw the customer’s inventory of broken drives as a potential solution to their problem.

Usable components pulled from these non-operating drives could be combined with MSI’s existing parts supply to make possible the rebuild of many ServoStar CD units. All the reassembled drives would be then tested and reconditioned according to their original specifications by our Kollmorgen factory-trained servo techs.

In the end, the ServoStar CD drives that had once been left for dead now found new life as fully-operational reconditioned units. Better yet, the cost of the repairs proved to be a fraction of what the customer would have ultimately paid for a retrofit.

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