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B & R 8V1045
8V1045.00-2 B&R Single Axis Resolver Based Brushless Servo Drive.


  • 4.4 Amps Continuous (RMS)
  • 24 Amps peak (RMS)
  • 480 VAC
  • Three onboard digital inputs
  • IGBT Power Stage
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Application specific plug in IO cards
  • CAN bus and POWERLINK network connections
  • Integrated electronic secure restart inhibit
  • Operation of synchronous and induction motors
We offer:
  • We provide drive repair on all variations of the Acopos 8V1045 Servo drive. If you need a different model than the standard Acopos 8V1045 drive, rest assured we can repair or supply you with a replacement drive unit.
  • Expedite repair service to get you up and running as quick as possible.
  • Well equipped shop staffed by expert technicians.
  • Specialized test fixtures, documentation and inventory to repair and test all functions of your drive and motor.
  • Motor Systems can replace un-repairable circuit boards with boards from our stock to get your drives repaired back to original factory specifications.
  • Stock of fully tested recondition drives to get you up and running quickly.
  • B&R ACOPOS 8V1045.00-2 Servo Drive Manual
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