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What Resellers Deserve from a Servo Repair Center

Servo repair centers that provide the best service to resellers tend to be ones that adopt a hero-making approach to their businesses.

This requires the repair company to assume more of a behind-the-scenes style of posture, so as not to interfere in any way with the reseller’s own customer relationships. The overall goal is to project a seamless connection between reseller and the service center, with the reseller ultimately getting all the credit for a successful repair.

After years of strong reseller relationships, MSI has come to recognize these five servo repair services as essential ingredients for our own hero-making approach:

Detailed Repair Quotes

No reseller wishes to look unknowledgeable in front of their customers. That is why it’s important for a quote issued by the repair center to contain as much information as possible about the diagnosis and proposed solution. Resellers don’t necessarily have the technical know-how of a repair expert, yet it is they who typically must convey this information to their customer. By arming the reseller with as thorough of an understanding of the repair as possible, they will be able to more confidently present the quote to their customer.
Flexible Shipping Options That Include Blind Shipping

Resellers are known to require different forms of shipping based on the customer and the situation. As such, a single shipping option will never work uniformly across all resellers. In some cases, a repaired piece of equipment is directly shipped to the customer using the repair company’s return address. In others, it is important to cloak the repairer’s identity by using blind shipping. In a third, and much more time-consuming approach, the repaired equipment is returned to the reseller, only to be repackaged and returned to the end user.

The degree of trust that a servo repair center has established with their reseller customer will often dictate which shipping option the reseller chooses to use.

Streamlined and Responsive Customer Service

We hear that a lot of national repair centers require callers to wade through multiple layers of their people just to get a question answered over the phone. This can be an even bigger problem for anyone attempting to deal directly with the OEM factory. Motor Systems has alleviated this issue by routing all calls directly to the managers of the servo repair department, allowing for fast and expert advice on the spot.

Expertise That’s Equal to the Factory

Many repair centers today will accept repair assignments on servo drives for which they don’t have formal training or proper test fixtures. Their lack of expertise ultimately puts the reseller at risk, especially when their customer’s “repaired” drive fails to perform at its original factory specs. Motor Systems Inc. avoids these situations entirely by only repairing those Kollmorgen products for which we are the sole factory-authorized repair center. We believe that it is best to be the country’s expert on specific servo drives, rather than to improperly claim expertise on all of them.

Servo Repair Discounts for Resellers

Servo repair centers need to appreciate that repair service can be a strong revenue stream for their reseller customers. By offering a discount on their service, servo repair companies like Motor System help resellers to maintain their competitiveness and their margins.

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