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Repair Can Keep ServoStar CD Drives Reliable

Kollmorgen ServoStar CD drives have long-proven themselves to be extremely reliable. But their dependability doesn’t simply end there.

End users can also count on these drives to be repairable when performance issues arise.

Tell-Tale Signs of CD Drive Problems

A common indication of a CD drive’s imminent failure is when it requires multiple attempts at power cycling in order to bring it to a “ready” state. Also look for the drive’s LED to flicker or turn off during operation. Power cycling may return the drive to normal, but don’t be surprised if this proves to be a temporary fix. Also be on the lookout for errors appearing in the error log of the drive.

Kollmorgen Servo CD drives coming to Motor Systems for repair often display an array of problems: internal contamination, a worn-out cooling fan, oxidation of external and internal connector’s pins and ribbon cable, and aging electrolytic capacitors.

The Challenge of CD Drive Repair

CD drives went through a number of generations over the years, with a major step occurring from the Series 2 to Series 5. Control and drive boards may now require some upgrading to bring them up to the optimal performance levels of the latest series iterations.

While it is important to address the drive’s current performance issues, Motor Systems recommends a regular course of maintenance. Such action prolongs the life of the drive, while preventing most of the common causes for future failures.

Using the best available replacement parts are also an essential component in a CD Drive repair. Not all shops have the correct parts or expertise to pull off a proper repair. It is not unusual for us to begin work on a CD Drive by undoing the previous efforts of another repair shop that used the wrong components.

Good News for CD Drive Owners

The well-designed power section of the Kollmorgen ServoStar CD Drive makes them almost impossible to destroy. Most of these failed drives can be repaired. In worst case scenarios, Motor Systems Inc. has replacement drives available.

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