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Powertec Brushless DC Drive Repair

The decision by Powertec to no longer manufacture or repair the Genesis line of brushless DC drives might have some customers concerned about the loss of their factory support.

And this has us wondering: why all the fuss? Is the long-term viability of their Powertec drives truly that dependent on having access to the original factory’s repair services?

Granted, OEMs in general are typically regarded as the sole possessor of their product’s original technical expertise. They also benefit from time-proven repair processes, as well as the specialized testing equipment that they’ve engineered. Given these advantages, most independent repair shops may seem like a second-class repair option in comparison to the OEM.

But this is certainly not true in the case of Powertec brushless DC drives and Motor Systems, Inc. As it turns out, sometimes it’s possible to get your drive repaired by the factory…without the factory actually getting involved.


The Powertec-Motor Systems Connection

The solution for this riddle is found within the special relationship that Motor Systems, Inc. has long held with Powertec. In many ways, our two companies share a common DNA that was actually born within the Powertec company itself.

MSI President and industrial engineer, Dan Freshley, began his career as a successful Powertec salesperson. Meanwhile, MSI’s VP of Service, John Maiolini, was busy as the lead technician in Powertec’s repair department and production facility.

Both of these individuals would argue that while “you can take the men out of the Powertec factory, you can’t take the factory out of the men!”  

Powertec Authorized Repair Center

This shared history led to MSI’s appointment as the exclusive Powertec factory repair center, handling all warranty and non-warranty repairs on both motors and drives. MSI served as the factory repair center for years. Although that function was eventually taken in-house by Powertec’s new owners, MSI retained the original test equipment, schematics and factory-developed processes that continue to be used today. (That is one of the original Powertec test stands to the left in the photo above.)

 Inventory of Powertec Parts and Reconditioned Drives

MSI’s also maintains an inventory of those Powertec parts and reconditioned drives that will no longer be available through the manufacturer.

It’s our hope that Powertec drive owners find comfort in knowing that factory-quality repair continues to be available, even though the factory is no longer a factor.

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