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The value of a Factory Authorized Servo Service Center

To best avoid the problems that come from using non-authorized servo service centers, it’s simply a matter of understanding the difference between “We’re able to do that,” and “We’re authorized to do that.”

Motor Systems Inc. is not like the typical servo service center that claims expertise in repairing every controller ever produced. Clearly no one can be the expert in everything, but we certainly are when it comes to Pacific Scientific and Kollmorgen legacy products! (This includes Superior Electric, IDC, and API.)

It’s an expertise that is clearly reflected in our being THE ONLY factory-appointed repair center for those top servo motor brands. We alone hold a current contract to do factory authorized service on their behalf. This distinction means that we have actual factory- trained technicians on staff, along with the manufacturers’ superior diagnostic equipment and processes, and just as important…the extensive parts inventories that help guarantee timely repairs. We alone have access to their original test stands, burn-in chambers, PC board schematics and documentation.

Don’t fall prey to the claims that other servo service centers will make when it comes to their expertise on Kollmorgen and Pacific Scientific products. We’ve gained a lot of new customers who have come to us after having received the easiest promise that can be made by any number of : “Yeah, we can do that.” It’s only when problems develop later that these customers discover that their equipment wasn’t tested per factory specifications, and that repairs were made without factory-specified parts.

Why take a chance when you can have it done right the first time, the factory-authorized way?

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