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Kollmorgen’s Authorized Repair Center, But So What?

This fall Motor Systems Inc. will proudly celebrate the 7th anniversary of our appointment as the only factory authorized repair center for the complete line of Kollmorgen XT servo motors.

With so many servo motor repair companies claiming to have factory authorization of one kind or another, why should this be important to you?

For starters, most repair shops who say they are authorized are actually not. Truth be told, it’s difficult to get appointed as the sole authorized repair center for a manufacturer with Kollmorgen’s international stature. It requires a long vetting process based on past customer service performance, demonstrated technological expertise, and the ability to provide a wide array of parts and recondition stock.

In the end it’s easier to simply say they are authorized than to actually do what is necessary to earn that that distinction. By doing so, they promise expertise they really don’t have. Unfortunately, you are paying for that supposed expertise when you have them handle your servo motor repairs.

One needs to realize that companies like Kollmorgen are as much in the trust-building business as anything else. They appreciate that customers come to expect high performance standards when they invest in Kollmorgen servo motors and drives. There is also an implicit understanding that there will be an equally high level of service available when repair situations arise.

We believe that Kollmorgen chose Motor Systems as the authorized repair center because we are also in the trust business. Our customers depend on our high degree of factory-trained expertise and efficient servo repair service. It’s not by accident that many of Kollmorgen repair customers were loyally coming to us before we even became the “authorized” choice.

But the trust doesn’t end there.

It’s worth noting that Motor Systems Inc. also serves as the authorized center for Pacific Scientific Servo Drive Repair and API Servo Drive Repair. Additionally, we are the official go-to for all IDC Servo and Stepper Drive Products since 2007, and all API and Superior Electric Stepper Drives since 2001.

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