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The Hazards of Buying Used Servo Drives On-Line

Have you ever thought about using an on-line auction/sales website to replace an inoperable legacy servo drive?

While we believe it’s perfectly reasonable to explore various replacement options when equipment fails, there are a couple of things you should seriously consider before bidding on-line.

Buying Legacy Servo Drives On-Line is Inherently Risky

It may be a surprise to some that legacy products can be at least 10-20 years old. When you further consider that most servo drives seldom receive preventative maintenance over their busy lifespans, it’s easy to see the potential pitfalls in buying used equipment. This is especially true when dealing with an unknown seller.

When a “Great” Deal Isn’t One

On-line purchases can be easily rendered a “bad deal” by just one costly, unexpected repair. Our experience has shown that failed capacitors are a pretty common problem with internet-purchased drives. Unfortunately, failed capacitors are often accompanied by bad circuit boards. All of this requires expensive repair, while saying nothing of the cost in lost production time.

MSI Recondition Stock is the Safest Option…Guaranteed

Factor in a necessary repair and you’ll find an on-line auction purchase can easily exceed the cost of a reconditioned drive. MSI maintains an extensive in-house inventory of reconditioned servo drives, each of which have passed a thorough inspection by our factory-trained service technicians. All our drives have been retrofitted with new components, enabling them to meet the rigors of our factory-issued test fixtures. And unlike most auction purchases, MSI’s reconditioned drives come with a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE!

If you’re looking for real value, and not simply the lowest price, the truest savings can be had by buying recondition stock from Motor Systems Inc.

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