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How Other Servo Repair Centers Handle Problems

It’s said that if you’re looking to find the best medical advice in town, ask any doctor to name who they turn to when they’re sick. After all, even doctors need a doctor on occasion

If only you could follow the same approach when attempting to get your servo drive repaired. All you’d have to do is ask a respected repair center to tell you who they turn to when a repair problem arises that they can’t fully address.

Other Servo Repair Centers turn to MSI

For those centers that must rely on others from time to time, you’d quickly find that MSI is where they go. However, due to obvious reasons, we certainly don’t expect them to openly admit this. But, come to us they do.

Usually it’s due to their lack of documentation, appropriate test fixtures, or familiarity and training for specific model of servo drive. Rather than taking the risk to attempt the repair themselves, they’ll choose to send a customer’s drive our way.

Ironically, MSI will occasionally end up addressing not only the original problem, but also additional ones that were incurred by their repair center technicians. It’s easy for things to go awry when a service tech doesn’t have a credible amount of experience on a selected drive. This is especially true for those legacy servo drives for which MSI is the sole factory-authorized repair center, including: Kollmorgen, Pacific Scientific, IDC, Superior Electric, API, or TAE.

Naturally, we aren’t allowed to tell you which repair centers use as a their “phone a friend” option. However, we can guarantee that all servo drives that come to us, regardless of the situation, will get the best expert servo drive repair service available anywhere.

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